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Drywall is most common system used for interior walls and consists of three basic materials:

Sheetrock, which is a slab of gypsum material pressed between two layers of paper

Drywall screws, which come in a variety of lengths and have a sharp point and widely-spaced threading, which makes them a great fastener for many other uses as well.

Joint compound, or drywall “mud”, is similar to plaster and is primarily made up of ground limestone and talcum

What is professional drywall finishing?

Basically, it consists of the following steps:

First, comes hanging the sheetrock by measuring then cutting the individual sheets to fit snugly and evenly to facilitate the finish work

Next, is taping seams then sealing those seams and the screwheads where the sheetrock was fastened to the wall or ceiling, then sanding all those surfaces smooth to remove any appearance of separate pieces of sheetrock

Installing drywall looks deceptively straightforward and easy, but it takes skill, training and lots of practice to get a smooth, even result for a wall or ceiling. It’s often said drywalling is done easily, but it’s not easily done. If the drywall isn’t properly hung and finished correctly, any imperfections will be clearly visible in the finished wall. No amount or color of paint, even by the best painting professional, will hide shoddy drywall work.

Any experienced drywall finishing contractor can do the manual work required to cover a framed wall with drywall. But the difference between a professional and everyone else is that a professional can simply walk through and look at the space to be drywalled, especially if the space is a blank slate of stud walls and open ceiling, and know what to look for before they ever pick up a piece of sheetrock, such as:

·       Identifying potential issues that will need to be corrected or worked around, such as where additional framing may be required to allow sheetrock to be attached and supported.

·       Seeing where special care and techniques may be needed to assure a clean, finished look. For example, regardless of how skilled the professionals were who framed the house, the lumber they were given to use naturally has ridges, low spots, and other imperfections that they can’t do anything about. But a skilled drywall professional knows how to overcome those imperfections to make sure the finished wall or ceiling looks like a seamless unit.


Texturing Drywall

Once the drywall has been installed a texture is applied to give more visual interest to the finished work. Textures include the following:

Knockdown – texturing material is applied to the surface and a rubber float is used to smooth out spikes

Orange peel – gives a texture that, as the name implies, resembles the peel of an orange

Sand – as the name implies, sand texturing gives the finished surface a sandy look and feel

Skip trowel – texture is applied and spread with a trowel to give an interesting plaster-like finish with a larger pattern

B and Z Custom Finishing can apply the texture that you like or create a finish as smooth as butter.

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B and Z pays meticulous attention to all of the details, from accurately estimating your drywall finishing all the way through to making sure the site is broom clean and everything is removed when we’re done. We only use the highest-quality American-manufactured sheetrock, and primers, textures and paint from well-known manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, to make sure your home or business looks its absolute best. Call us for a free quote at (608) 770-3847