Discover the Professional Difference with
B and Z Custom Finishing

To most people, when they think of “painting” it means opening a can, dipping a paintbrush into the paint, and brushing the paint on a wall. For residential and commercial painting professionals like B and Z Custom Finishing, “painting” is the final step in applying a fresh new finish to a surface that will both protect and enhance the look of that surface. That’s what separates professionals from “painters.” That’s the “professional difference.”

A professional knows that the most important part of applying a painted finish to any surface is making sure the surface being painted has been fully prepared and is ready to take the paint. That’s why B and Z always starts by inspecting the surfaces to be painted – walls, woodwork, etc. – and fixes or fills cracks, holes, and nail “pops”, smooths out uneven or rough surfaces by scraping or sanding, and even washing areas with visible dirt, especially those areas that get lots of hand swipes – like around light switches – with a degreasing cleaner to assure the paint will properly adhere to the surface. Then, they apply a high-quality primer to assure the finish coat looks it’s best and to avoid dull spots from repairs (caused when patching material sucks up the moisture from the paint, which professionals refer to as “flashing”) and/or bleed-through of dark spots. This is where B and Z’s meticulous attention to detail pays off.

Whether you need interior or exterior painting, we take every precaution to do the job right. surface preparation is critical to maximize adhesion of whatever finish you choose. And, it’s just as important to be sure anything that is not being painted is protected.

For interior painting

Our preparation processes include:

  • Repairing all cracks, nail holes and nail “pops”
  • Protecting flooring from drips, spills, tracked dust and dirt with drop cloths
  • Making sure trim work that isn’t being refinished is covered
  • Protecting furniture and fixtures from paint and dust by moving or covering them
  • Preventing damage to doors and flooring during set up and break down
  • Leaving all work areas broom-clean

For exterior painting

We pay even more attention to the details because your building structures must also be protected from the elements. At minimum, we:

  • Clean all surfaces to be painted of dirt and mildew using environmentally-safe cleaning agents
  • Scrape off all loose or peeling paint and sand surfaces smooth
  • Repair any minor damage
  • Caulk any gaps to prevent moisture and insects from getting in and causing damage
  • Protect surfaces that are not being repainted
  • Protect outdoor fixtures and equipment
  • Collect and properly dispose of all paint chips
  • Follow safety requirement to protect children, pets, and the environment
  • Leaving all work areas broom-clean

Why B and Z Custom Refinishing

B and Z pays meticulous attention to all of the details, from accurately estimating the job and helping you decide what color and finish you like, all the way through to making sure the site is broom clean and everything is removed when we’re done. We only use the highest-quality paint, such as Sherwin-Williams, to make sure your home or business looks its absolute best. Call us for a free quote at (608) 770-3847